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  • Jun 01, 2021

Swansea art school was founded in 1853 and is the oldest art school in Wales. So the area has long been popular with artists - I’d imagine the beautiful light attracts them to the area. I really want to decorate the cottage with local art and have already started collecting some prints.

The first local artist I found was Emma Bissonnet. The’Gower silhouettes’ lino print caught my eye, as a fan of the New Order album ‘Hidden Pleasures’. Then after our visit to the amazing Three Cliffs Beach, it was great to find she had created a great hand made lino print of this beautiful place too.

Following a visit to Parkmill and the Gower Heritage Centre I discovered Hannah Davie’s pastel coloured prints of the local beaches in Pa-pa Jewellery. They are so pretty and really sum up the beautiful views and colours of the Gower. Incidentially the Heritage Centre holds a craft market there every Saturday.

We can’t wait to start exploring the local galleries & craft fairs and finding more art for our walls.

These are some other local artists & galleries:

Katie Allen


Rachel Biddulph

The Mission Gallery

Attic Gallery

Glynn Vivian

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